Are you looking for an easy way to increase engagement and interaction with your students? Were you discouraged by the learning curve of student response systems "clickers"? Socrative is a great way to leverage the power of student responses and use the live, real time data to inform instruction.  Setup is easy, and responses can be gathered across a multitude of platforms (web, mobile, iOS, Android).


After completing this module, you will be able to:
  • Describe the functionality of Socrative.
  • Set up your own Socrative account.
  • Run Single Question activities which test for concepts immediately .
  • Administer a pre-made quiz or engage students in a gamefied version.
  • Create your own quizzes full of multiple-choice or short answer questions.
  • Share one of your own quizzes, or Add a new quiz using an Excel template.

What is socrative?

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Setting up Socrative

You can choose to setup everything about Socrative either through a web browser (use the teacher login on or the Teacher app on your mobile device. 
The functionality is essentially the same, so I'd recommend going with whatever feels more comfortable and is more convenient. 

If you don't have an account created, you'll need to Sign Up for a free account.  Once your account is created, use your email and password to login. 

TIP: To test Socrative in action, you'll need two "devices".  This could easily be done using a mobile device and/or even another web browser or incognito window if using Google Chrome.  

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Activity #1: Create an Account and Log into Socrative

If you have an account already, log into Socrative.  If not, please sign up and then login.  

Make a note of your Room Number. This is how you will test and this is how your students will enter any of your activities.  They will not need a separate account or login credentials. 

TIP: Take note of the number of students in your room, and if in a classroom, you can check to see if all of your students have successfully joined.  In a large presentation environment, you can make a mental note of the starting number in order to get a sense of when to move forward in teacher led sessions. 

Single Question Activities - "Right Now" Polling 

The first set of polling activities are called "Single Questions" This includes Multiple Choice, True/False, and Short Answer questions.  

The main purpose for these activities is to do a quick poll or collection of data on the spot and without any preparation.  Here are some possible scenarios:
  1. Teacher asks a question aloud and gives 2-5 possible answer choices.
  2. Teacher asks a True/False question aloud.
  3. Students have a paper copy of the questions in front of them, or teacher is projecting the questions on the screen.  Students respond to each question one at a time.
  4. Teacher asks for suggestions, which students respond with open answers.  The class can then vote on their favorite responses. 

In more detail: 

Multiple Choice (A-E) - one question at a time - orally, live data as it gets collected
True/False (T/F) - one question at a time - orally, live data as it gets collected
Short Answer - students can type in answers, responses can be voted on

Once questions are complete, you can click on End Activity or go back to the Main Screen.  
NOTE: if you go back to the main screen, it will end the activity.

Activity #2: Testing Single Question Activities

Think of a situation where you would use a single question activity, and/or try one of the scenarios listed above.  Remember, this is just for "Right Now" polling and requires no preparation.  However, many of you will want to create your own questions and have them displayed on screen, right?  Read on....

Quiz-Based Activities 

For Quizzes, you have the ability to pre-design your questions and then deploy them as a Student Paced or Teacher Paced Quiz.  


In more detail: 

Student Paced Quiz: Students enter name, answer questions (one at a time, at their own pace), teacher can get live results (#correct and question progress)
Teacher Paced Quiz: Students enter name, answer questions (teacher advances each question for the class), teacher can get live results for display

Options: Randomize answer choices, disabling immediate feedback (whether students see correct/incorrect), hiding question explanations (customizable feedback that can be displayed after each question)

Exit Ticket - just another quiz option - there's a preset Exit Ticket format as an example.

Space Race - This is a very fun and engaging way to deploy your quizzes.  You can choose the number of teams, auto assign or have students pick colors, then student paced answering of questions determines how "fast" each spaceship proceeds. 

TIP: If you are interested in generating discussion on which answers are "correct", the disabling or hiding of feedback and/or explanations option might be useful. 

Activity #3: Test out a pre-made quiz or run a Space Race

Socrative comes with a demo quiz already created.  Try running this quiz as student paced and teacher paced to see the difference.  Remember that you will need two devices (mobile app, browser, new incognito window) to see the effects of the activity in real time. 

Creating Quizzes

You can Create quizzes and Edit existing quizzes through Socrative. 

After creating a quiz or opening a pre-existing quiz, you can choose a type of question to add.  

Multiple Choice - Write the question and 2-5 answer choices, mark the checkbox for the correct answer (or leave without a correct answer).  You can include feedback that will be displayed after a student answers the question.  

Short Answer - Write an open ended question and this will allow for students to write their own responses.  You can also include feedback that will be displayed after a student answers the question.  

Activity #4: Creating a Quiz 

Try creating your own quiz using a mixture of multiple choice and short answer questions. Experiment with feedback explanations if desired.

Adding and Sharing Quizzes

Socrative allows you to share your quizzes easily with other users using a SOC number.  There is also an Excel template upload option. 


Activity #5: Sharing or Importing a Quiz

Try sharing your Quiz with another teacher or try creating a new quiz using the Excel template (only recommended if you already have a large amount of questions/answer choices that you don't wish to retype). 

Checking For Understanding

Are you ready to use Socrative in your classes?  

Test your knowledge.   Take a quick quiz below and see how well you do.  Click on "Start Now" and receive immediate feedback on how you do.

Not satisfied with your learning progress?  Please submit a feedback or issues support form found on the bottom of this page.

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